Dance Floor Rentals – How Big You Need for Your Wedding?

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If you want your guests to enjoy on your wedding day, it would be a good idea to consider dance floor rentals. But, since not all dance floor rentals are the same, you might need some help when choosing the right size you need. As a golden rule, you may assume forty percent of your party will dance at any time. There are some things to consider when selecting a size for your preferred dancing.

If your wedding guests are mostly low key and elderly, you should expect not all will consider dancing. If they’re a younger crowd, expect the opposite. This rule works with almost all weddings out there. The industry standard suggests that every couple will require nine square feet per couple. For instance, assume that your wedding has a total of 200 guests. Only forty percent of them will dance any time and this means that you will require about 360 sq ft of dance floor or a dance floor with a size of 16×20.

If you consider forty out of a hundred guests to dance, you have to rent a dance floor with a size of 200 sq ft. Once you double that for two hundred guests, you will require a dance floor that’s 400 square foot. If your guests are 300, a 600 ft dance floor is the one you should rent. Therefore, it would be a smart way to know first the number of your guests for you to decide the right size for your preferred dance floor.s

Aside from the number of guests, you must also consider the age of most of your guests. There are people who don’t like dancing, while there are some who always want to have fun and enjoy dancing. If most of your guests are like that, then choose a bigger dance floor. Yet, if you think only some of your guests would consider dancing, it would be a good thing to rent only a small dance floor to save money.

Your wedding will never be the same if you will include a wedding tent rentals ny. Your guests deserve to enjoy your special day with you. Through renting a dance floor, you can be assured that they won’t just enjoy your wedding, but also they will be entertained at the same time.

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