Can I still go running if I have asthma?

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It seems running as difficult and demanding for asthma patients but it doesn’t mean that they should not start and try to sustain a running program. If you have questions on can I still go running if I have asthma then it is possible by following with few strategies that help to run along with best dealing on asthma.

Proper asthma management

Make sure to choose the setting sensibly and avoid running around polluted areas or under colder weather conditions. Such conditions increase the chances of asthma attack. Make sure to run far from toxic wastes and enjoy running in clean and fresh air. Some people miss warm up but to prevent asthma attack, warm-up is essential. Start your running session with a brisk walk and light stretches as his makes your muscles and lungs ready to run.

On the run

A beginner should start running slowly and then pace up and run according to the fitness level. This makes your breathing under control and decreases the chances of sudden asthma attack. Do not push yourself hard and the talk/run test helps to check your body’s capability to run. Go for an extra mile only if your body allows and slowly increase the intensity and distance of running.

Pollen allergies are at their lowest level in the morning, so, it’s better to run when pollen counts are on the lower end. You can check the local pollen count online. After coming back from running, make sure to shower as soon as possible to get the pollen off your hair and skin and toss out your workout clothes directly into the laundry to prevent pollen to enter your home and aggravate asthma.

Although these tips help to run with asthma but it is good to be smart always. Make sure to carry your rescue inhaler. You can slip into pockets of your running shorts. You may never need to use it but keeping it is important. Confirm with your doctor on the steps you should take if you have an asthma attack. Always create an action plan beforehand to deal with emergencies while running.

In case you are suffering from chronic asthma then consider wearing a medical alert tag so that your first responders gets valuable time to give you the right first-aid. One of the best way to detect the symptoms on time is body awareness .If you feel wheezing or a feeling of tightness in your chest then slow down your pace immediately and use an inhaler and consult an asthma physician. Our bodies know as what is safe for us and it warns us before we are willing to listen anything.

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