Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist

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Hair is a big part of someone’s identity whether they only do 1 style or they love to experiment with different looks and styles. What a person does to her hair helps to demonstrate a part of themselves to the world. This is the reason why it is important to make every visit to the salon worth it. That can only be possible if you ask the right questions so your stylist knows exactly what you want. Even if you want highlights and it is one of the best hairstylist, you still need to ask the stylist important and relevant questions so that they will know exactly what to do with your hair.

What to ask your hairstylist

Does this hairstyle go with my face?

seeing famous people just change their hairstyle often looks easy. Of course, if it is a hot summer time, you want to have shorter hair because it is more comfortable. Before you get a haircut, it is advisable to understand how a certain style is going to look with the shape of your shape. If you look like a celebrity who can wear a pixie cut and has a perfect symmetry, then it is easy for you to choose any hairstyle. Bone structure and facial features matter a lot when you imagine someone without their hair. So even if there is a trending hairstyle at the moment, make sure that it will look good with your face.

Which haircut will work with my hair’s natural texture?

A certain haircut will look different depending on a person’s hair texture, which is why it is important to discuss texture like face shape. Of course, hair texture can be changed by putting waves or straightening it, but you need to consider if you are someone who is fine with putting in extra time. If you are someone who does not enjoy spending a lot of time on your hair, a haircut that is not appropriate for your hair texture will just give you more work to deal with.

What are the tools I need so I can duplicate this look?

You do not want to get a hairstyle that will only look good after you have left the salon and a credible stylist does not want that too. Ask the stylist to discuss the steps he or she has to take and take note of the products and tools being used. You should never forget to ask about wands, hot tools, curling irons and flat irons that they may have used and what you might need to have at home so styling becomes easier.

Does this hairstyle take up a lot of time in the morning?

If your morning schedule is dependent on your kids, and you do not have a lot of time to go to the salon, you might have to think twice about a high maintenance haircut or a blond hairstyle with a platinum touch so you do not have to get regular touch-ups. You also need to be aware that maintaining hair color needs dedication like toning your hair at home using color conditioners. Talk with your stylist to make sure that it will blend well with your life.

When should my next appointment be to maintain this?

If you know in advance the required frequency of when you need to go back to the salon, then this is going to be very helpful. The look you will choose should go well with your lifestyle, budget, and schedule. Talking to your stylist about how often you are required to come and the time available to you at home for styling your hair will give your stylist the signal to make appropriate adjustments to your haircut and color so that it works best with you.

What is the health of my scalp and hair?

Ask your stylist to rate your scalp on a scale of 1 to 5 so that your stylist can suggest products and treatment to help you regain your hair’s condition.

By asking these questions, your hairstylist will be happy. If you go to a hair salon specializing in balayage color, make sure to ask relevant questions about hair color.

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