How to find the best human hair extensions?

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If you want the look of your natural hair, human hair extensions are the one to go for. They are expensive and last longer than synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are easy to style because it does not thaw out when exposed to heat from straighteners and curling tongs.

Types of hair extensions

Remy Hair Extensions These hair extensions are made from multiple donors. The color of the hair is matched to get a natural finish with or without highlights. When the hair is collected for extensions, every strand is placed in the same direction, preventing moisture loss. The hair will never turn dull or lifeless. One can dye, perm or style the hair easily, and it also has a long longevity compared to other hair extensions.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions – It is the most commonly used human hair extensions as it is not that expensive compared to a Remy hair. These extensions are made from fallen or shed hair, like hair obtained from a hairbrush. This hair is chemically treated to remove the cuticle layer, and a coating of synthetic, silicon is applied to give it a natural shine. But remember that the chemical fades away after a few washes and the hair will look dull and dry. If not taken care, it will tangle easily. Therefore, non-Remy hair extensions do not last longer than Remy hair.

Virgin Hair Extensions – It is made from a single human donor. The hair is obtained in a single sitting with a few cuts. The hair is not chemically treated, colored or bleached. It is of high quality and therefore, expensive. Like other human hair extensions, Virgin Hair Extensions can be easily styled. One can perm and dye the hair. Since Virgin Hair Extensions are not chemically treated, one needs to make sure that the hair remains clean, is lice free and of high quality.

More about hair extensions

Double-drawn hair extensions provide volume and thickness and have a consistent strand length. One can also opt for flat or round bonds depending on your hair style.

Always select a brand that has a good range of extensions. The stylist can pick multiple extension shades to match with your hair. Highlights can be added to give more depth.

Extensions can be used for highlighting and adding color between the hair extensions.

Go for 100% human hair extensions that have been enthusiastically donated. A professional hair stylist can help you find the best human hair extension.

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