What are the materials commonly used for a kitchen countertop?

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Different materials are available in the market which can be used for kitchen countertops according to your taste and budget. Some top pick materials used for kitchen countertop are discussed in this article so that any people who are planning to construct a new house or who plan to modify the existing kitchen can get some basic information regarding this.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a very attractive material that is being used for constructing kitchen countertops by people who do not have much difficulty in spending good amount of money for their house. It brings elegance to the kitchen and makes the countertop appear more widespread. As the area increases the cost per unit of granite naturally comes down. Even a modest kitchen can be made to look beautiful by the use of granite stones. It is very good in holding up heat and it comes in more than thousand colors. It has a substantial and permanent look. Its hardness is next to diamond, the hardest material on earth.  Once granite kitchen countertops are fitted, no maintenance or other recurring expense is needed. They are new sealers available these days which are long lasting.

Engineered stone

Engineered stone comprises of 93 % particles of quartz. It is available in more number of colors than granite. The non porous surface is helpful in resisting the scratches. It is easily maintainable and no annual sealing is required for this type of stone. Zodiaq, Siltstone, Cambria, Quartz, etc. are some of the Quartz Countertops Rockville, MD engaged in manufacturing engineered stones and used for kitchen countertop in many houses.

Ceramic tiles

Easy to clean and durable ceramic tiles are also becoming a popular kitchen countertop material for the houses of middle income group people. They are less expensive and the buyers have great choices readily available to suit their variant needs. As it is done one section at a time this is good for people who have some sort of financial crisis or who do not have much money in their hands for the time being. Hot pans can be kept on this countertop without any problem and they are easily cleanable.  A wide variety of color, price range, textures, designs etc. make them most attractive. When tiles are used for countertops the surfaces becomes uneven.  They will break easily and stained grout lines are produced on them if used carelessly. Custom design is very expensive.

Solid surface

Solid surfaces are custom made according to the need of the customer by Countertop Company like Corian, Swanstone, Avonite etc.  As they are solid any scratches coming on this surface can be removed by sanding. They are available in many colors. They are stain resistant and seamless. They get affected by stains and hot pans.    They are little  expensive. The pieces needed for the kitchen is cut according to the size and the ends are then finished. They come in a lot of colors. Being Inexpensive and easy to maintain are some of its advantages. Attractive finishes can be costly.

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