How eye lash extensions work?

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Haven’t we all heard the expression “…batting eyelids” that is often used with women who have doe-eyes and long eye lashes? And if you are not as lucky as someone who is blessed with doe eyes and long eyelashes, you need to know the answer to the question of how eye lash extensions work? Though the trend is new, it is catching on and when you decide that you are going to get extensions, there is a considerable amount of homework you need to do, before you can actually hop on to the salon and get them done.

The first thing that you need to consider, before getting these eyelash extensions, is to find a professional eyelash expert who can not only give you the right advice when it comes to eyelash extensions, but also help you choose the right one and also help you with the pros and cons of getting these eyelash extensions. When you consider the most common types of lash extensions, you can choose from mink, silk and synthetic. And it is better to get these extended eyelashes, since getting up every day and applying false eyelashes can be tedious, when you have to rush to work.

Knowing how eye lash extensions work also involves understanding the entire procedure of applying these eyelash extensions. You need a professional stylist even more in this case, because, this beauty regimen involves applying the eyelashes at a time! The stylist you choose has to be a seasoned one so that he or she can apply the glue without irritating your eyes or damaging your natural eyelashes. Applying eyelash extensions is a test of patience, and it can take up to two hours.

But the most important factor that you and the professional stylist, whose services you are hiring, is to test the person’s (who is getting the extensions) sensitivity to glue. If you experience allergic reactions, it is best to go for a different glue type. Once the eyelash extensions are done, they can be maintained throughout the year, but touch-ups are required every three or even four weeks. If you are concerned about the cost of the eyelash extensions, you can opt for half a set of extensions, so that they can be filled in between the natural eyelashes, which will not be a weight on your wallet and at the same time, you can get the desired look.

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