Find a Stone Patio Contractor and Know More About the Different Patio Materials

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With the help of a reliable stone patio contractor, you can now enjoy relaxing in the perfect patio you have always dreamed of. But, did you know that aside from the usual concrete, there are still other materials that can help you achieve the patio you have always wanted?


Bricks used for patios are slightly different from those used for building houses. These bricks are less porous and are not that prone to water damages. You can choose from different colors including tan and black to suit your taste. These are easy to install and you can create different layout designs with them.


Flagstone is available in various colors like buff and blue, which depend on the specific where the flagstone came from. It is because of the natural formation process, with the gradual collection of organic sediments, mineral, clay and sand. The only downside to the use of flagstone is that this is a bit pricey, and is also prone to splitting and erosion.


You can have a very distinctive patio when you install tiles due to the wide array of colors and styles available. Tiles, however, can be rather expensive, not to mention that there are some issues associated to them. Make sure that you choose tiles and grout meant to be used outdoors, and those that are not too porous.


For an easy and quick job, gravel might be the best choice you’ve got. There are two kinds of gravel for you to choose from, namely crushed stone and river rock stone. When you add gravel on a fabric landscape liner, this helps prevent unwanted growth of weeds. Gravel can also provide excellent yard drainage.


Concrete is no doubt the most affordable option for any patio renovation. Through proper installation and maintenance, it can also be the most durable choice. Just take note that this is prone to cracking after freeze-thaw cycles.

Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are the dense concrete which was impacted for forming individual units. These can mimic brick or stone, and these are also available at a more affordable price. Pavers are also available in different colors and shapes, providing you with an extensive array of possible looks and designs for your layout. With the help of a paver patio contractor, you can make the most out of these pavers, and enjoy spending time outdoors. Lagras

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