6 Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Rug

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Many people still confuse while choosing a rug for their homes and end up selecting traditional rugs while there are so many new and trendy designs introduced in the market. Below are a few tips to select a perfect rug for your beautiful house.

Size of the Rug

This is the primary factor to have the right rug for your house where size of rug should complement the interior decor instead of giving an odd look. For instance, the size should not be too small that it doesn’t touch any of your furniture or it should not be too big which gives an overflowing look in a room. Ideally, a rug size should be measured in a way which should touch or goes under every kind of furniture which comes in its surroundings while it should also leave a little bit empty space somewhere between furniture as well.

Choose Complementing Colors

A rug would look an odd one out if the color of the rug doesn’t complement the interior decor of your room. Here, the interior decor means the color of your wall paint and furniture you have placed in the room.

For instance, if your living room walls are blue and yellow in color with off white sofas having grayish textile used over it, you can go for aqua blue or dark gray themed rugs having beautiful and trendy golden patterns. This will surely give a royal look to your living room without using any antique stuff.

Get Designs Which Look Good With your Furniture

This means if you have kept classy and traditional furniture in your bedroom then you should look for a royal designed rugs like mandala or old classical designs instead of plain rugs. Although plain rugs are also beautiful but they look good when you have simple furniture instead of traditional or royal type of furniture.

Choose Material of the Rug Wisely

Another important point is the material of rug you are going to choose for your interior as it comes in a variety of different materials. You may find rugs in cotton, jute, linen, wool, mohair, silk, nylon, acrylic and many other natural and synthetic fibers. Every material has its own pros and cons while you have to choose considering the foot traffic and number of people living in your house.

It is because the major factors are cleaning and durability of rugs which makes your life either very easy or very problematic.

However, the professionals mostly recommend to buy wool rugs if you are living in a very cold climate otherwise you should better go for cotton or jute rugs because woolen rugs are not recommended for living rooms or in hot climate areas. So, you may use different materials in different rooms of your house considering all these factors.

Decide on Getting a Plain or Patterned Rug

No doubt that patterned rugs look very beautiful as they have a variety of designs and colors in it but you simply cannot ignore the elegance of plain rugs. However, you can make this decision considering the kind of furniture used in your house as discussed above as well.

While you can also go for an option of having a plain yet textured rug in your living room and patterned rug in your drawing room and bedrooms. But make sure if you are using a plain rug then you should have simple and elegant furniture in room with plain or simple designed curtains on windows and balcony.

Rug Liner is a Must

This is what many people skip to get while they don’t realize its importance to be there under the rug. It increases the friction between your footsteps and rugged floor where a slight slip may cause a very bad accident. Especially if you have kids, pets or elderly people at home then you simply cannot skip the rug liner to prevent any slipping accidents.

Also, you should know that it is not that costly and you can have varieties in rug liners as well to buy as per your convenience. There are many Persian rug stores Alexandria out there who offer a great deal of liners that goes well with different types of rug materials used in the market.

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