How to Pick the Right Tent for Your Party

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If your big event is happening soon, then you are aware of how stressful it is to coordinate every detail, including the party tent rentals. Before you call a company for the event, you might want to think about the tent’s size that you need to have at your wedding or party. When you are trying to figure out the size that you need, you need to consider some things. In addition, when a company starts to explain to you the different tents they have, you might get overwhelmed because you need to consume a lot of information. In order to make it easier for you, here are the considerations you need to make before choosing a tent.

All you need to know about tent rentals

Having a soil or graving surface is ideal for determining the safest way to put up a tent. Although, there are a lot options if you want to anchor on sand, stone, asphalt, and other types of surfaces. You also have to consider what is there beneath the ground. Always use an underground utility locator so you can make sure it is safe to stake there in that location.

The number of people who are expected to attend the event

This is another aspect to consider when you are figuring out the size of the tent you need to rent because the tent has to be big enough for the number of guests you have. By knowing the number, you can determine the size of the tent you need to rent. If the event is smaller like and event or wedding, then you should not think about getting the largest tent unless you will fill it with items like chair rentals, table rentals, dance floors, and others. At the same time, a bigger crowd will definitely need a big tent. Normally, a cathedral seating has 8 square feet per guest and a standing event has at least 10 square feet for each guest.

Is the location accessible to your rental providers?

Check the venue in terms of access. The heavy tables, chairs, washrooms, equipment, and others all have to be included. If the site requires transporting equipment from long distances using trucks to the site, it will take time and most likely you are going to be charged with additional labor cost. Another option is to have another access point, shutting equipment with smaller trucks and ATV’s or even bringing the equipment in if it is on a lake.

Height of the entryway

The height of the entryway is something you may not have initially thought about while thinking about the tent rental. For a lot of backyard parties, the height of the tent is not really an issue. In certain cases, the tent is important as it is being placed against an adjacent doorway, a house, or a stage that will go underneath it. Renting a taller tent might be more appropriate for a formal event or a wedding because it is more luxurious. Your guests will see the surrounding area better if you have a taller tent and they will enjoy the spacious feeling too.

Your vision

Have a few ideas for the decorations you are thinking of putting. Tents are like a blank canvas and a ceiling décor with lighting and liners can help you create a vision. Clear span tents are great for projecting things because there is less ceiling structure. Frame tents have many places where you can attach décor while a tent similar to a tidewater glows and makes its ambience.

Is the event location protected against the weather?

This depends on how severe weather conditions are because you will be able to determine how much sidewall you want for the tent enclosure. For extreme weather, it is recommended that you put up a sidewall on every side of the tent so that the heat or cold will be kept out of the tent. You can also have more options for the door system such as single or double.

Knowing what to consider before asking about tent rentals rockland county ny helps you decide and keeps you from being overwhelmed when you call them to ask about it.

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