What are the things to check before hiring a tree service?

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After the arrival of summer the tree owners usually think about tree services for entrusting their tree maintenance work to prevent damaged to home, backyard, power lines etc and to ensure new growth of the trees. Some house owner try to do these works as DIY work. Some others hire tree maintenance service personal available in their neighborhood. But selecting one local tree removal companies is an important matter as there will be about 5 to 10 agencies engaged in tree maintenance services in your area.  In this article I am going to explain the important factors that have to be considered before taking a decision in the matter.

Check credentials of tree company

Anybody can pretend as a tree cutting professional by buying some small equipment which will not cost much. Therefore it is better to go for established companies with a proven track record.  Ask them for references. Follow up on this reference will give you a clear picture about the company. You can also ascertain whether the company is insured one and whether they are having government license to carry out tree services. As there are many honest companies and many dishonest ones, you have to take special care while fixing the one needed for you.

Understand the specifics of tree service

Ask the representative of the proposed company some questions and get its answers. Answers given to the following questions will be capable of determining the worth of the company.

Pricing: Pricing for different services are charged by different companies based on many factors.  Some companies may charge based on the height of the tree. Others may be charging hourly rates. Yet some others charge travelling expense if the work is considerably away from their location.

Check what is included? When you are entrusting tree cutting work, you have to check what are the services included in the quoted rate. Whether they will be cutting only the trunk or whether they will remove the stump also. This is a very important matter as tree stump removal is a costly affair and is very difficult to carry out.

Extras: If you can get extra service by paying a little extra money it will always be good and profitable. For example if the rate for tree cutting is already agreed upon, then you can ask whether they will do stump removal also if you are paying certain amount of money as extra.  They may agree as they are already coming to the place with their workers and tools and it will be profitable for them if they get some extra work. If tree cutting alone is performed then the stumps will be left there making the land not suitable for any construction work. You will have to pay very high amount for removing the tree stump if it is done seperately.

Tree removal is a hard work and if it is handled by new comers it can create a lot of problems. Landscaping work gives an additional charm to every house if they are carried out in a professional manner.  It may be costlier if you find a tree service kensington and hand over the work to him. But one can be guaranteed about the results produced by a good  tree services company.

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