How To Prepare For Your Allergy Test

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The most foolproof and best way to get a good diagnosis of your allergies is to have a test done by an allergist. This is usually prescribed by an allergy doctor you are seeing and it gives a solid diagnosis on what type of allergies you might have. If you have any questions as to how to prepare for an allergy test, then keep on reading.

Don’t Exercise Before The Test

With a lot of procedures and tests, you will be advised not to do strenuous activities a day or two before the said procedure. For allergy testing, it is even more important that you don’t put your body under unwanted stress.

Sweating too much and having your heart rate go up will lead to a lot of alterations and inaccuracies in the test results. Your skin secretes a lot of hormones and fluids when your heart rate goes up and you don’t want these secretions to come in the way of allergy testing. This will alter the diagnosis.

Medications To Stop A Week Before The Test

If you are taking Benadryl, then you need to stop taking it at least a week before the test. You don’t want any medication in your system when you go for allergy testing. The same goes for antihistamines.

Antihistamines are great for treating allergies but it is not good for allergy diagnosis as they can blur the effect of the allergen when the test is being done and you want the allergen to be in its active state when the test is being done, because this will lead to better results and more accuracy.

No New Skin Products

If you are thinking about trying out new skin products right before allergy testing, then it’s better to put a hold on it for a while. New skin products can have effects on your skin, both good or bad and the worst thing is that they can highly alter the accuracy of the test result. It is also advised that you don’t apply any sort of lotion, balm, or thick moisturizer before the test, you want your skin to be bare of any product.

Foods To Avoid Before Allergy Testing

Food allergies are also a very common thing to occur. So, if you are already feeling a little weird after eating a certain type of food like dairy or wheat, then it’s best not to eat it again until your test is done because it is quite possible that you might be suffering from a specific food allergy. It’s better to not eat any types of foods that leave your skin red with rashes or leave you with a stomach ache.

Being Well Fed And Hydrated

You don’t need to fast or starve yourself before the test. Rather, it is advised that you drink plenty of water and eat good foods before coming to the test. The last thing you want is to feel woozy and as if you are about to faint. Eat your own regular meal and try to drink tins of fluids before the test. This will give good results and your skin will also look more supple and soft, making it easier for the technician to test your skin and other areas for allergies or any other types of rashes.

Say No To Sun Exposure

If your skin is super sensitive, then try to avoid too much sun exposure before the test. Your skin might get burned or you might feel like spots are starting to form on the skin. It’s better to delay tanning for a while and get the test done first. Again, you want your skin to be bare and free from any type of color or product. The more natural your skin can be for the test, the better will be the results, and the diagnosis will be more accurate. It is also advised not to wear a thick layer of SPF on your skin when going for an allergy test.


There you have it! Whether it’s your own test or your kid’s, it’s good to know these things and what things to do and not to do before going to the allergy center Germantown for an allergy test.

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