6 Questions To Ask When Choosing Marble Countertops

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Countertops are the expensive investment that you make for your kitchen. So obviously, you need to be well-informed at the dealer’s showroom before making a purchase. And if you’re buying countertops for the first time in your life, the task becomes much more daunting. But don’t worry. This guide will help you to be well-informed. So, if you’re more into classic options, then surely you should go for marble countertops. It will give your kitchen a stunning and architectural look. However, you should keep in mind that marble is highly maintenance-intensive. You need to be well-aware of marble and its characteristics before installing it in your kitchen. Here’s how you can do so by asking the following questions at the countertop shop.

How Marble Is Different From Other Materials?

If you’re only going to the showroom to buy marble, then I guess you’re already aware of its benefits, beauty, and maintenance guide. But if you’re a first-time buyer, the elegant looks of marble caught your attention. Then, you must know that it is different from other materials, such as granite.

Marble is soft and porous. Therefore, it is not for everyone. So, along with adding a real estate look to your kitchen, you must check if you can maintain marble kitchen countertops or not. These slabs need regular cleaning and sealing to save them from staining and damage.

Will The Finished Product Be Same As Sample?

Marble is a natural earth mineral that comes from Earth. So, it is nearly impossible for the two marble stones to match. That is why the first thing that you should confirm at the showroom is, will you get the same product as the sample? Otherwise, you’ll be shocked at the time of the delivery.

Usually, shocking surprises happen when you finalize a countertop by looking at the small sample. Obviously, a large slab will look different than a smaller one. Therefore, try to get a large sample. It will help you make an idea of what exactly you’re going to install in your kitchen.

What’s The Deal With The Seal?

Marble stone requires regular sealing in order to maintain its outlook and smoothness. Also, sealant helps fill-in the pores inside the stone, keeping it clean and sanitized. Plus, it gives the marble a lustrous and shiny look.

However, different sealants give marble a different appearance. So, you must ask for samples with other sealants applied to them. It will help you select what outlook exactly you want for your kitchen.

Any Warranties?

Marble countertops are elegant and add luxury to your kitchen. Therefore, it is somehow fragile. So, before making a purchase or installing marble countertops in your kitchen, you should get a complete guideline on its maintenance. Ask for its guarantee. How long the specific marble will work without the scratch and damage from its strict function.

Moreover, every sealant and cleaning soap doesn’t suit every marble stone. So, get a guideline about what cleaning agent and sealant you have to apply on the specific marble.

What Marble Should You Choose?

As you know, marble is a building material. And every marble is not for countertops. For instance, choosing light color marble will make you regret it later. It is because cooking splatter or fine food pieces will make the color of the marble fade. Dark shades, such as black, gray, green, or red, will last longer and show fewer stains. So, before buying marble countertops, keep this point in your mind. And choose according to your cooking habits.

Are There Any Cracks In Marble?

That’s a pretty smart question, by the way, because not everyone knows about this. As we obtain marble directly from Earth, so sometimes, there are cracks in the stone. Those are also called Fissures. Yeah, you can fill the cracks on the surface level with sealants, but the cracks are going to stay there under the surface. You cannot completely fill the cracks in the marble. And this is damaging to the stability of your countertops. So, better make sure before choosing a marble countertop that it doesn’t have cracks in it. Also, hire expert marble and granite countertop installers Raleigh NC to avoid any unwanted seams and cracks.

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