7 Pandemic Wedding Trends Everyone Is Following

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Ever since COVID-19 came to surface, our problems have increased. Canceling and postponing weddings is the most heartbreaking thing we could see in this pandemic. Now that it is clear COVID will not leave us this soon, people are going ahead and preferring intimate weddings. Moreover, party and tent rentals are also innovating their services to suit weddings in the pandemic.

These are some of the intimate wedding trends you might observe.

Curated Guest List

It is necessary to avoid large gatherings in this day and age. You know what the situation is like and why you can’t roam carefree. It is therefore best to not invite a huge number of people to your wedding.

Yes, the vaccine has become available and many people are taking it but everything has not come under control. Things will take time to be under control and that is the reason we need to be cautious of many things. Do not invite acquaintances and colleagues and people you barely talk to, allow only your family and close friends to give all the blessings you need to start your life anew.

More Personalized Arrangements

The best thing about weddings these days is that you don’t have to toil to make sure everything is according to the taste and liking of your guests. Small weddings are pretty much in, so you can get everything personalized. You might not even need to hire people; you and your friends can do it on your own if you are a good planner and know what your big day should look like.

If you have been sitting on a plan for a perfect wedding for years, you just need a few helping hands and that is it. There would be no guests to throw tantrums, there would be no large venue to decorate. Your wedding will be a fuss-free wedding.

Going Live On Social Media

If you don’t like it, you don’t need to cut people off. You can invite your acquaintances and school friends to your wedding if you are afraid of earning their displeasure. Go live on Instagram or Facebook or both. Allow your acquaintances, distant relatives, and even Facebook friends and Instagram followers to join in. The best thing is they can enjoy the whole ceremony from their comfort zone without risking their health, without having to worry about the commute.

Homemade Food And Family-Style Servings

The most trendy thing happening during pandemic days is homemade food. Wouldn’t it be amazing to gather all your close ones and have a nice homemade meal? Just think. It will give people a sense of family get-together or something. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to domesticate a little and make it more of an intimate ceremony. It is not going to be that difficult to cook for 25-50 people. It would be better if the person who cooked it all serves it to the guests.

Weekday Wedding

Having a hassle-free wedding is no big deal these days. You don’t have to deliberate upon the day and date you are going to get married. Any day can be your big day. So, remain calm and tranquil all along. Before the pandemic, couples preferred having a weekend wedding so that more people could join, but that is no longer a preference, you can even choose a weekday like Monday to be your special day. Furthermore, weekday weddings may be less costly.

Assigned Seating

Assigned seating is another popular trend these days. Before the pandemic, anyone could sit anywhere as there was no assigned seating in weddings but things are no longer the same, you know. Therefore, we should happily embrace the changes that have recently taken place.

Give each guest a particular seat. There should be a name label on every chair so that the guests could easily find where to sit; that label should be visible enough to be spotted from a reasonable distance so that your guests don’t have to keep looking for their seat.

Separate Sanitary Kit For Everyone At The Wedding

Every guest should get a cutlery and sanitary package of their own. Everyone should get a separate napkin, separate spoon and fork, separate platter, and bowl. It’s better if all these things are disposable which do not have to be reused.

Lastly, hire vendors, caterers, and wedding party rentals Rockland NY who follow the set rules and keep your wedding Covid-free.

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