History Of Moroccan Rugs And Why Buy Them

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Morocco is one of those few countries on Earth that make traditional hand-woven and handmade rugs. Moroccan rugs have been really special for a variety of reasons, and people buy them for the authenticity and magnificence they offer.

A Devour Into Moroccan History Of Rugs

Moroccan rugs are made by tribal people of the respective country, to start with. They prepare these rugs closely considering their creative history and traditional art in mind. These rugs very much reflect the history and culture of Moroccan people, especially the tribals. When these rugs started getting outsourced to other parts of the globe, they became all the rage in next to no time and western nations started swooning over them.

There are basically two types of Moroccan rugs.

Thin and light rugs: Desert-inhabitants started making these rugs long, long ago because it pretty much suited their climate and surroundings. They could not think of manufacturing thick and heavy rugs because it could have been a torture to lie and sit on something that makes you feel the sun this close to you.

Heavily crafted and thick rugs: People living in mountains and cold areas used make these rugs, and they still make them. When it’s cold around you, even setting your feet upon something like that can make you feel toasty.

When you see something worth a praise in the market, never forget to appreciate the hands that brought it into being so it could mesmerize your eyes. Don’t you agree?

Here are some of the tribes of Moroccan descent that make and sell these special rugs for you:

Beni Ourain – Middle Atlas

If you wanna keep your house’s theme all light-toned, you should buy one of these. They come in subtle colors but the patterns drawn on them are usually of dark colors.

Boucherouite – All Tribes

Every Boucherouite rug has plenty of colors in it. These rugs can be really cheap because there’s no wool being used in their preparation. They tend to keep you warm but are made of old fabrics.

Kilim – All Tribes

They are almost as light as a feather. They’re flatwoven and have no pile affixed to them. They come more often than not in multiple colors.

Beni Mguild – Middle Atlas

Middle Atlas community make rugs in dark and fill-lit colors like blue, brown and purple. They are thick rugs prepared in cold/mountainous areas of Morocco.

Boujad – Central Plains

Boujad rugs come in red-ish colors most of the time and they are prepared by Berber tribes residing in central plains of Morocco. They are best known for their geometric patterns.

Azilal – High Atlas

You must have seen those rugs coming white or cream color mostly, they are known to be ‘’azizal’’. They are such a delight to look at, aren’t they? And, if anyone is to be accredited for bringing us those extra-royal pieces, it’s the people living in Moroccan High Atlas.

What Makes Moroccan Rugs So Special?

There are so many kinds of rugs being sold in the market, so you must be wondering what makes these Moroccan rugs so special, what makes them different from the rest, right? Believe it or not, it’s totally a privilege to have a Moroccan rug placed in some nook of your abode.

They’re An Awesome Piece Of Decoration For Your Special Area In The House

Well, most of the western population buy these rugs to create a beautiful ambiance in their house. Moroccan rugs give a really unique and time-honored touch to the entire set-up of one’s abode.

They Offer A Really Extensive Variety. You Won’t Be Bored Skimming Through Them

There’s a huge lot of Moroccan rugs you can look through to purchase one. There is Moroccan runner rugs, thick-pile Moroccan rugs, Moroccan shag rug, vintage Style Moroccan rugs, coffee table rugs, Moroccan Berber rugs, zanafi, azilal, kilim, thin Weave rugs, and whatnot.

They’re Extremely Durable And Worth Giving A Shot

Moroccan rugs are tough and they can bear stains and heavy mobility. They don’t get old and rough too soon.

They’re Art. Who Doesn’t Like Art?

People who love true art would never run short of appreciation for Moroccan rugs, these traditional rugs Vienna VA are certainly class-apart.

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