7 Hair Colors That Make You Look Younger

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Your external appearance should not be something that defines your age. Radiate the energy and positivity from inside you. Do not let the decades and stress ashen your hair color. Choose a hair color that makes you look younger, fresh, and as radiant as the daylight. Yeah, I agree. Choosing a hair color might be tricky and is experimental without the help of hair highlights salons. But some genuine advice can help you choose better. Over here, I have selected some hair colors for you to get inspired by.

Basically, it’s the tone that is important. The complex mixture of colors and highlights is what comes out as a brilliant hue. So, let’s dig in and see what color tone will make you look healthier and younger.

Golden Highlights

Warmer tones are mysterious yet magical in some way. And significantly, for hair color like brunette, warmer highlights will add a spark. So, if you’re a brunette, go for the golden highlights.

These highlights will not only make you look younger but will also define your face structure. Moreover, such hair color will go perfect for a summer look.

Chocolate Brown Hair

I am not a big fan of too harsh tones like pitch black to make oneself look younger. Instead, you should go with lighter tones, as they’ll make you look youthful. Also, too dark colors give you an artificial look.

So, to avoid all such mishaps, go for soft colors. Such as chocolate brown or soft black is a perfect choice. Moreover, such hair color will go for you if you’re a lady with dark locks. It is because maybe you’re not comfortable with going with blonde or some other light color.

Auburn And Honey Blend

I have seen many beautiful mothers with this hair color. And let me tell you, all of them looked healthy, joyful, younger, and energetic. There’s a charisma in this tone that every mother is trying this out.

Also, not every hair color is for everyone. For some, lighter tones are the best, and for the rest, the warmer tones go perfect. Just the way lighter tones make your skin look soft and glow, darker tones define your features. And remember, the warmer, the younger?

So eventually, if you can’t decide to go with one of the warmer tones, go with a mixture of them. Such as this coppery look which will add a hint of red and deep brown in it.

Natural Looking Sun-Kissed Blonde

There are no boundaries of the complexion while choosing hair color. Well, I personally believe so. All you need to take care of is whether the hair makeover you chose will look natural or not? You can go with red or blonde, your choice.

Just make sure the hair color suits your eye color, skin, features, and especially your eyebrow color. If all of these colors are not going to match, it’ll look awful. For instance, this natural-looking sun-kissed blonde is not for everyone. And it does make you look younger, brighter, and happier.

“Lived-In” Blonde

Wondering what it is? My mother’s wondering the same (haha), but she’s loving this new trend. It is basically darker roots with lighter ends. The blonde hair and soft tones along the length of your hair make it focus more on your features and brightens them.

Also, the lighter tones define the frame of your face giving you a softer and healthier look.  Likewise, the darker roots give your forehead a bright look. So, go for it with a cute little bob cut.

Subtle Balayage And Short Hair

Do you know that short hair can really cut years off? And a soft Balayage with shorter hair is ideally perfect for a younger look. So, if you went through your life with a single dull hair color, ditch it now. Moreover, Balayage with a bob cut or shoulder-length hair will ace it. You’ll look fresh and fantastic.

Natural Looking Blonde

Want to know a secret hair color that makes you look younger and is less maintenance too? Yes, that is a natural-looking blonde. Add some warm, blonde highlights with your gray hair. It’ll look fresh and is low-maintenance as well. So, you would only have to visit the balayage salon once and you will be able to maintain it yourself.

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