What Causes Clogged Drain And Best Ways To Prevent Them

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Unclogging a clogged drain is one of the most inevitably repulsive chores to do. As much as you eagerly want to call a drain cleaning service, you remember how often your drain clogs and simply too much of a hassle.

Why is your drain clogged

Below are the top reasons for why your drain often gets clogged, so you take precaution in the first place, to avoid the subsequent exasperation.

  1. Hair

This may not come as new to you. Bathroom drains are commonly clogged with hair. Shaving off hair in the bathroom and hair fall while taking a shower are the common reasons as to how your hair end up in a drain.

You can prevent your hair from clogging into your drain simply by preventing hair blockades from happening in the first place. You can either use a shopper, a paper bag, or even tissues to store your hair after you have shaved. If you have long hair and frequent hair fall, it is advisable that you tie your hair before entering your bathroom and vacuum your bathroom every day, while it is dry.

  1. Soap

Drain cleaning companies are not unfamiliar with unclogging drains that are blocked by soaps. Soaps are generally consisting of a lot of grease and fat, which combines with minerals in water and leaves a hard residue called soap scum which is the prime reason of how soap can clog one’s drain. To avoid soap scum to clog your drain, switch your soap with more natural constituents. They may produce less foam but they are much better than a regular soap. They are not only great for the environment but your skin too.

  1. Dirt and Mud

Dirt and mud from your clothes, body or certain object can clog your drain, and dirt is arguably the most gruesome of all the reasons to clog your drain by. Drain cleaning services are often able to easily unclog drains blocked with dirt but it highly recommended that there was dirt somewhere outside in the open and not in the sink or bathtubs to begin with.

  1. Food Waste

Drain cleaning companies strictly warns against stuffing food down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal in your sink. It gives rise to a lot of damage and bacteria growth which is extremely unhealthy and unsanitary.

You could set up a composition pile to get rid of food waste, especially waste that don’t easily break down like coffee ground and tea leaves. The best method to avoid drain blockade because of food is to gather up the courage to clean your drain. You can use gloves to avoid feeling disgusted, or use a fork or a big toothpick to scrape all the waste from your drain.

  1. Hard Water

Yes, the problem could be in fact water itself. When hard water combines with minerals they create an insoluble mass that easily blocks your drain. Drain cleaning services has often dealt with situations like these and therefore recommends installing a water softener to solve your hard water problem. Softened water will not cause the hard residue that is usually built up by hard water and will create less foam.

  1. Tissue Paper

Toiler or tissue paper often goes flushed in the toilet; it may not seem very harmful but drain cleaning companies don’t recommend this at all. Drain cleaning services often find a tissue buildup clogged in one’s drain that creates the blockage.

The simple way to avoid this blockage is by not flushing down the toilet papers down the toilet or drain. Have a proper disposal system and in case of blockage, use a plunger to unclog it.

  1. Small Objects

Certain small objects like dental floss, diaper wipes, make-up wipes, cotton swabs etc. blocks your drain. Simply have a proper disposal system to dispose of your objects. But if they have been resting there for a very long time and continues accumulation of these disposable items have been accumulated in your sink or toilet. Call a plumber or drain cleaning services immediately. They use chemicals to dissolve such items which only professionals are eligible to use and you should keep away from.

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