Why should you opt for divorce mediation?

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Divorce isn’t always a painful journey! It can be a very normal and easy experience, but it completely depends on the way you and your spouse handle it. Instead of going through a divorce proceeding, you can possibly solve the issues between the two of you through divorce mediation. It helps you attain separation, if you wish for that, in an easy way.

Mediation Process

In case of divorce mediation, both the spouses need to sit with a third party, could be a divorce lawyer, and try to resolve the matter. This procedure includes drawing a separation agreement. This agreement will possess details on division of assets, debts and liabilities along with agreement on child custody and property issues. This agreement will be drawn on mutual consensus in order to dissolve the marriage without any problems. Ideally mediation is a better option than divorce. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for mediation.

Why Consider Mediation?

There are a few benefits that you gain access to if you consider mediation as against public divorce proceedings.

Cost Benefits: In case of mediation, you will be hiring a third party as a witness. In case you hire a divorce lawyer, the fees drawn in this case would be less compared to what you would be paying for a divorce proceeding. You will be saving a lot of money in this case.

Time Involved: With private mediation process, you get a divorce decree within a few months. You would save all the time that you would invest in signing a divorce agreement.

Less Stress:The stress factor involved in mediation is considerably less. You will be able to obtain the divorce decree in lesser time and without stressing yourself in the process.

Privacy Concerns: A private mediation process against public divorce proceeding will ensure that there is no adverse effects on your reputation, family or business due to the separation.

Control on Process: Mediation gives you a complete control over the separation process. The settlement terms are decided on mutual consensus and they are not imposed on them. This makes it easy to comply and stress free.

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