Top 5 Things That Turn Off House Buyers

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The first thing you need to do when you are selling your house is to hire a real estate agent so that he could speed up the process of selling your house through his huge client base. Find a realtor who is an expert in selling homes and has sold many homes in the past.

Things to know before investing in real estate

Apart from hiring an expert real estate agent, you will also need to adjust your house according to the buyers perspective. A buyer will never buy your home if it is not according to general preferences. Here are the top things that could turn off any buyer.

  1. Bad Curb Appeal

A broken porch light, broken stairs in the entranceway, paint coming off and damaged windows will surely drive nay buyer away before he even goes inside your house. It is a natural thinking process that if a house has a poor curb appeal then the interior will be same as well. Invest a few dollars and repair broken things and lights, put a few flower pots and a nice welcome door hanging to attract buyers. Even if you find a realtor who is an expert, your house wouldn’t sell because of the outer appearance.

  1. Pets

Everyone may not be a pet lover like you so it is better to remove your pets from the buyer’s sight before they are coming to see your house. Also remove any signs of pet hair from the house as well.

  1. Clutter

Clutter is a major no-no for any buyer. Imagine entering into a house that has a mess all around, dirty dishes in the kitchen, newspapers stacked on the sofas, things piled up on the chairs, clothes put on top of the washing machine and many other things lying around. Even a good real estate agent would not want to sell your house this way.

  1. Personalization

Yes, it is your house and you have been living here for years and years, so naturally, you will have lots of memories attached with it and you would have decorated your personal and family photos, appreciation gifts, your kids’ trophies, certificates and medals, and anniversary and birthday gifts. This is not what the buyer will like to see, he wants to see your house to buy and live in it and if he will see a lot of your personal stuff then it could be a major turn off for him. So, it’s better to remove all your personal décor stuff before showing your house to the buyer so he can think according to his own customization.

  1. Lurking Sellers

A seller who is lurking behind him and listening to everything he is discussing and saying and giving his comments and forcing him to buy. Surely a buyer will not like a lurking seller. Leave your buyer on his own to see and explore the house and decide on his own. If you will be right behind his step then he will not buy even if he likes your house.

So, make sure to keep these points in mind when you are selling your house and find a realtor Washington dc who brings prospective buyers.

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