Things to Know about Vape Pen Batteries

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A 510 threaded battery is a must-have for all oil vape pen users. Oil vape pens are available in numerous sizes and shapes with a plethora of exciting features and amazing benefits for the users. Due to the steep volume of choices you can find in the market right now, it may become a bit confusing to identify the style, features, and specs that make a certain 510 threaded battery ideal for your use.

What are Vape Pen Batteries?

Oil vape pens use several primary components, namely the cartridge, the atomizer, the oil, and the battery. A vape pen battery is a component responsible for storing and transferring the right quantity of power to the atomizer. Considering this, it means that a vape pen battery can do so much more than your usual lithium-ion battery. This type of battery also contains a circuitry in charge of controlling the quantity of power being transferred, any displays or any LEDs that show you the level of power as well as other features that would be able to help you improve your overall vaping experience like voltage adjustments.

After the battery sends the power to the vape pen’s atomizer, a ceramic element or wire coil will then heat up and vaporize the oil being held inside the vape cartridge. This means that the vape pen battery serves as the source of power that will store the power and manage the transfer of the power to the atomizer during the process of vaping.

For you to have a wonderful and flawless experience when using your own oil vape kit, these components all need to work as one. As for an oil vape pen, the atomizer is typically integrated into the cartridge, which means that there are no worries between these two. But, it is important to remember that not all oils are going to work well with all oil cartridges. Similarly, not all batteries are going to work properly with all cartridges, with some not even fitting correctly.

Not like a cartridge, the battery can still be utilized for many years with no problem. But, for the cartridges, even the best ones are just recommended to get refills 2 to 3 times at max, if at all.

What 510 Threaded Really Means

510 threaded is the term being used when describing the threading which connects the batteries and the vape cartridges. 510 threaded means that the cartridge generally has a length of 5 millimeters and there are 10 screw threads. But, you can also find other configurations such as 808 and more.

Take note that there are several batteries that have eGo threads and 510 threaded ends that let you use an extensive array of cartridges or canisters so you can enjoy your vaping experience to a whole new level. Many mods and atomizers are also using 510 threading. Just remember that this is not really true for all, which means that you have to shop for 510 threaded batteries with extreme care.

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