Sewer Line Repair Methods – How They Work

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Sewer and drain cleaning while are best when handled yourselves, it can also become extremely dangerous because one mistake can lead to very costly repairs so in order to avoid that, keep in contact with the services so they can guide you through the process.


Sewer line cleaning is although best when you opt for it yourself but sometimes the problem lies beyond your experience and instead of pushing your luck leave the sewer and drain cleaning to the services who know exactly what to do in such situations. You can do your cleaning too but after you try your methods and they don’t work then do call the nearby services because sometimes the reason is that the pipes are broken or there is something other than gunk stuck or something else which is causing your toilet to leak far more than rain outside.

Sewer Pipe Repair Methods

Sewer line cleaning involves checking out the sewer and looking for the thing that is causing problems. Usually they find it out by simply using an auger but sometimes they require an inspection camera along the pipes so as to properly inspect the area for the cause of a problem. Sewer repair methods usually mean replacing the pipes or digging up the soil to determine the cause. Replacement is done when:

  • Pipes are old and damaged.
  • Pipes have holes in them or are destroyed because of the soil of snow or water.
  • Gunk at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Oils and grease adhered to the pipe.
  • Roots blocking the flow of water.
  • Leakage in the pipes.

Methods For Pipe Replacement

There are two methods which help in the replacement of the sewer. Or rather the replacement of the pipes in the sewer. They solve your sewer and drain cleaning problem by completely adding up new equipment hence ensuring clean toilets for quite some time. Following are the methods required for cleaning the drain:

  1. Traditional Sewer Line Repair/Replacements

This requires proper inspection of the problem via camera then digging up the area with containing the problem. All you have to witness is that the digging of the area which consists of the problem say grease surrounding it hence damaging your pipe is done and then the cleaning method starts by either scrapping or using any other technique. After this is achieved then the pipes are dug again with the problem removed for good.

  1. Trenchless Repair Methods

This consists of the replacement of the damaged pipes. So the method involves digging small holes which indicates the beginning of the damaged pipe. Slowly the new pipe is pushed inside while the damaged is destroyed and removed accordingly. This method is extremely effective when it comes to the cleaning of sewers because it provides you proper draining until the installed pipe is damaged to shreds.

  1. Replacing The Entire Line

Sometimes the damage goes beyond the pipes and towards the main sewer line which is completely destroyed because of maybe excess water, poor use or poor care. For this purpose, you need to install a new system or replace the old one completely. This requires a lot of effort labor and money but if left as it is, then it can cause problems which might require you to move houses!

Hence sewer line cleaning manhattan should be taken care of properly either yourselves or best by the cleaning services to ensure a clean toilet and good drainage of the sewage!

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