How to Find an Experienced Sleep Doctor

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The sleep specialist doctors are doctors who are certified to cure patients, who suffer from various sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, sleepwalking to name a few. To be called a certified sleep doctor, the doctor must go through various training and examination in all areas of sleep medicine. They are also called as Sleep Medicine Specialists.

Various sleeping disorders

As it’s difficult for one to know whether the doctor we are consulting is a certified doctor or not. Follow the following steps and find out your experienced or certified sleep doctor.

  1. The best and the easiest way is to google org, it’s a website maintained by American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This website directs to all the nearby sleep centers along with the authenticated sleep medicine specialists.
  2. Once you are in the website, you will see a scroll down box – Find a Sleep Center at the top left hand side.
  3. Once you move your mouse on that it will ask you the details like your city, state and postal code and also the distance in miles.
  4. Evaluate the results and select the center you are interested to know more about. Once you click on the desired link it will lead you to detailed information about the sleep center, the list of doctors working there and also the contact details.

There are other sites also which will help one with the list of certified sleep doctors, such as America Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), American Board of Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (formerly known as Sleep Disorders Dental Society) to name a few.

More on sleeping disorders

AASM has a list of experienced doctors and researchers who work on the field of sleep medicines and the related field. Apart from the list of specialists, they also tell their readers about various sleep centers and also list doctors who treat through certified behavioral sleep medicine.

ABSM is an American board that officially state doctors and researchers of sleep medicine as ‘board certified’. They list sleep centers and doctors based on place and state.

AADSM is a unique website that talks about dentists who specialize in sleep medicines and also in treatment of certain sleep problems.

If seeing a certified sleep specialist or physician isn’t financially or geographically feasible for you, a pulmonologist, neurologist, or otolaryngologist may be able to help you identify your sleep problem. You should consider visiting sleep clinic to get the right treatment.

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