Grease traps helps to prevent heavy-duty restaurant waste to obstruct the disposal system

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A grease trap, also known as a grease interceptor is a piece of restaurant equipment that helps to keep the sewers functional. It acts as a filter to remove fats and oils and if you think as how effective are grease traps against heavy-duty restaurant waste then grease trap cleaning are very useful and effective and prevents the waste to enter sewer system and it’s clogging. The use of these traps helps to run the sewer system smoothly. In a commercial kitchen, it helps in the treatment of all types of water that comes out of the kitchen.

Grease trap cleaning

These are actually plumbing devices designed to cut off most of the grease and other solid waste before they obstruct the disposal system. Most of the wastewater of sewer contains small amount of oil which insinuate into septic tank and makes a scum layer. This layer further gets fragmented down by micro-organisms in the anaerobic process and large amount of such oil when comes out from the kitchen in the restaurants overflow the septic tank and leads to untreated sewerage systems in the environment. In addition to this, high viscosity fats and greases such as lard when solidify after cooling combines with other disposable solids and leads to blockages in outlet pipes. The grease traps helps the kitchen waste water to flow through them and are not affected by any other drainage system like toilets. They are available in different materials like steel, plastics, concrete or cast iron with capacity of 35 litres to 45,000 litres and above. You can place them above ground, below ground, inside your kitchen sink or outside the kitchen. The professional plumbers offer the right advice on the type of grease trap to be used for commercial use against heavy-duty restaurant waste disposal.

The Use of Grease Traps

At times, when great amount of grease enters the kitchen sink then it becomes necessary to use a grease trap. The contact with cold surfaces makes the grease in sewage to separate from the liquid. This fact helps in the operation of any grease trap. The body of the trap is surrounded completely by a water jacket or a chamber. In addition, the partition in the centre of the trap is designed to aid in breaking up the sewage and deflects the grease upward and forms a water chamber.

Make sure to buy a good quality grease trap for commercial use and less expensive grease traps do not come with a water jacket and they are not expected to hold back the large part of the grease as such types of trap does not cooled continuously by the water supply. Seek help from professional grease trap cleaners to maintain your grease traps in the best working condition.


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