Common Toilet Drain Problems And How To Fix Them

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Toilet problems are a common occurrence and while you can try toilet drain cleaning by hiring somebody, you can save a lot of money by simply doing it for yourself!

Toilet Drain Problems And How To Fix Them

Bathroom drain cleaning is not a hard job and if you do it for yourself then there will be no need to call services or most of all you can avoid a huge problem by simply getting used to toilet drain cleaning. The problems faced in a toilet are not very bad, they are simply caused because of a small malfunction which can be adjusted according to the nature of the problem.
Some of the most common toilet drain problems are:

Phantom Flush

Phantom flush is basically a fancy word for water trickling. Sometimes your toilet starts trickling water on its own or starts flushing on its own. Such type of a problem is extremely common and can be fixed easily by replacing the flapper or flapper seat. The procedure is to simply let the tank drain then check for possible damages to the flapper seat. Replace it or fix it, and your problem vanishes.

Water In The Tank

Sometimes the water keeps on trickling into the tank. For this you simply have to check the tank containing the valves. Clean them out and check the rotating or floating ball. If they are slightly misplaced or stuck, then pull them out and if they are broken contact a plumber so as to fix it but most probably you will be required to change it for good.

Leaky Water

This has got to be the worst form of bathroom drain cleaning according to my opinion as this if not treated at once can worsen up and create an even bigger mess. This is basically when water leaks from the tanks. There are a few leaky spots on the toilet seat. If you figure them out, then you can fix them immediately but if the water isn’t leaking from spots then you need to change it quickly as it will cause a lot of problems.

Puddles On Floor

Sometimes, you see that the floor near the toilet seat has puddles of water on it. Now a little bit of water doesn’t hurt but this water sometimes turns into a whole stream with an extremely bad smell. The best option would be to not use your toilet for some time and hand over the toilet drain cleaning to somebody else.


The clogged toilet is something everybody is aware of. Clogs are sometimes formed in the toilet due to which you cannot flush properly resulting in the water coming up or down or staying as it is along with its contents. The best way to overcome this is to get a flush stick and simultaneously push it down the toilet up and down, slowly opening the clog and removing the contents thus allowing the water to pass through. If not, then use a coat hanger stick with a hook at the bottom and push it down removing the clog. If it still doesn’t work, then contact the plumbing services.

Hence now you’re aware of the common bathroom drain cleaning methods and problems alike. So next time try them out before you contact the services!

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