How to overcome stage fear

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I have some crazy friends. Some of them dance and earn a living, while some others even do not know how to dance. Both these groups have one thing in common. That is their crazy fear for party rentals. This fear is known as chorophobia.  I searched the web and found that there are tens of thousands of sites that deal with chorophobia. There are a lot of chorophobiacs and there are a lot of hypnotherapists that offer treatment for this condition.

I watched people dancing sitting in a comfortable chair in a room like people dancing out of the blue in London Street. I also know a dancer who regularly goes to gymnasium and he has no difficulty in doing  a flip in the middle of his walking.  The question is how to get rid of the fear. There are two common ways which are practiced by many people successfully. There are:

  1. Just go on dancing and have fun. Don’t bother about what other people think.
  2. Learn to dance well. This will instill confidence in you.

These are two paths are leading to the same destination. When you start method 2, the method 1 starts following and this leads to negligence of the feeling what others will think.

The first type of dancers you all have seen many a times. One may be thinking what the hell he is doing. But such dancers look happy and are enjoying their dance. You might also have felt that if you could dance like that you don’t have to fear anybody or worry about anything.

In fact, a lot of good dancers are very scared about dancing. I have seen many well known dancers lying sleepless the night before the dance program or an audition test. They become nervous and fear that they are forgetting everything taught by the dance master or the choreographer. There are some well known dancers who get them spanked for getting the stage fear removed by the physical pain.

But for persons who chose the second method it is a gradual experience of desensitizing yourself to the notion of dancing. When you are facing a problem it is better to face the problems and get used to it rather than get used to the problem through thinking of different solutions and then facing the problem. So go on dancing facing the chorophobia issue and become successful so that your seat can be handed over to the next person waiting for your seat. You can also opt for candelabras rentals.

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