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The job of an exterior painter is not only to paint a house but also paint it in a way which manifests the choice and taste of the house owner. The taste of a man is reflected through each and every detail around him, this includes not only his choice in dress or people he interacts with but also the smallest details of the exterior painting of his house. So the crucial part of exterior painting is choosing the perfect shades that go well with the persona of people living in the house.

How to differentiate the exterior facade for painting?

Before starting the painting procedure one has to decide what the stucco should look like after the completion of the lengthy and tiresome project.  It’s not an easy job! To get the best out of the painting job, one has to divide the exterior faces of some major parts. The vast part of the stucco is the wall.

One must choose a color or a combination of colors carefully as he or she is going to behold it for years. Also, the backdrop of the house must be kept in mind at the time of choosing colors. A mismatch there would spoil the aesthetics of the house badly.

Next on list are the doors, architectural shapes and shutters. These must be painted in such a way which gives a remarkable distinct look of the house. In the final episode, the trim must be painted to give a perfect finish to the job. Sometimes a bright color is used for this part of job. This is a very common practice for painters to do such differentiations. However, there is no predetermined rule of this. This creates a huge prospect of research in the combination of colors.

Combination of colors popular for exterior painting

There is no thumb rule of combining colors. The choice of the exterior house painters long island or the owner of the house is the only guideline. Some may like to combine the base colors like red, blue and yellow. Yellow can work like magic as a pop up color with a subtle touch of red in the background of blue shade.

Also, classic combination of white and red with turquoise in the doors can bring out the vibrant personality of the owner. The warmth of wooden shade of the facade with a light off-white background is something that would be appreciated by the onlookers greatly. These are some of the many beautiful combinations that would make the house look better after getting painted.


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