All About Legal Separation Agreements

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If you wondering about legal separation agreements or dissolving a partnership legally, but have not filed important papers, you will find the next few lines useful. Divorce is a very tricky time when you should figure out who would take care of the bills and pay mortgage or rent. Till you figure out answers to these questions, you cannot complete the dissolution or divorce.

What is a Separation agreement?

The separation agreement is also known as a “minute of agreement”. It is a legally recognized document that binds everything that was agreed by the couple. All terms and conditions discussed during the separation should be documented in the separation agreement. This agreement carries equal weight as a court order – if it is registered. Using the separation document, you can enforce various terms. That means a separation agreement can be used by those who wish to file a divorce but cannot handle their civil bonds. Few areas covered by the agreement would be as follows:

  • Who takes care of the household bills, rent and mortgage?
  • Who will live in the family home and what has to be done if the property is sold?
  • Who would take care of overdrafts and loans? What is going to happen to all existing debts?
  • Who is going to make use of items like furniture or cars, especially items that were bought together?
  • Who is going to take care of the little ones? Who would the child live with?

Talking About Finances, Making Honest Moves!

If you are not prepared to have a separation agreement, you and your partner should be very open about all finances. Honesty plays a very important role here. During these discussions, all details about investments, savings, debts and properties should be analyzed. Once the list is disclosed, you and your partner can agree on who takes care of what.

Hiring Legal Help

The legal separation agreement doesn’t need a trained attorney. However, it would be a great idea to hire a lawyer. That is because the attorney would know what has to be included in the separation agreement. When you have legal advice, you will be able to avoid doubts and bad choices. You can save yourself from intimidating ex-partners (especially if they force you to sign the separation agreement) drafted by the best divorce lawyer of alexandria va. Above all, the lawyers will tell you when the separation document is useful.

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